Quality – part of our DNA

For us, quality is the most important hygiene factor. It’s so much a part of our psyche – no quality, no product – that we’ve put in place a series of stringent systems and procedures to keep it that way.

Every stage, everyone’s responsibility

At Advy Chemical, there’s no one who’s not concerned with quality. Each of us, at every level, is responsible for quality as detailed in our Quality Management System module. And since quality is an open-ended concept, teams are offered education, training, skills and experience-based evaluations – on a continuous basis. Periodic reviews of product and process performance, and efficiency monitoring through measurable process analysis are critical to ensure ongoing improvement.

Quality in, quality out

We have global best practices and well-defined procedures drawn from years of global experience to help us analyze and validate incoming raw material, in-process material and finished products.

Internal audits and reviews

At Advy Chemical, we’ve organically nurtured a team of qualified and competent auditors. The internal audit team, drawn from various departments, performs continuous process reviews and submits its evaluation report in compliance with our QMS.

Management review

Our single-minded objective is to ensure continual quality improvement. To this end, the management undertakes a bottom-up approach and focuses not just on the final product but also at every process along the way. Both internal adherence to quality and external customer satisfaction index are studied to identify gaps in the system. This is followed by an objective evaluation which results in genuine leaps in quality assurance and control.

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