Infrastructure -
Geared for your business continuity

Spread over 16,000 sq ft, the facility has over 80 key personnel looking after separate departments for production of purified protein products (Native Antigens), Polyclonal Antisera, Cell Culture derived products, Rapid Diagnostic Tests and Slide & Turbil Latex reagents. Our facilities conform to GMP, ISO 9001 and EN ISO 13485 Quality Management Systems. Supplementing the production units is a very sharply focused Research & Development Wing that is continuously engaged in embracing newer technologies and evolving newer products for better healthcare.

Advy Chemical has its own goat farm dedicated to the manufacture of polyclonal anti sera. Backed by a team of veterinary doctors and trained personnel engaged in a host of operations, from immunization to plasmapheresis. Efficient production management plays an important role in ensuring our clients a very steady supply of thousands of litres of quality Antisera to meet the exacting demands. What’s more, the facility is also geared to serve as a manufacturing base for outsourcing operations.

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